Market validation, done right.

Introducing the Combi Journey™ program, a 40-hour process designed to help entrepreneurs and organizations ideate, prototype and launch new solutions into the market.


Marco Antonio Sánchez - Co-founder/COO Alfa Diseño de Sistemas

The Combi Journey program changed my life and the course of my business. I actively recommend it among companies within my industry, as I encourage them to live what I lived.

Sabrina Gans - Founder/CEO Shareco

The Combi Journey program is, simply put, the best program I have ever taken as entrepreenur. 110% recommended. Guided by the program's expert guide and methodologies, I was able to identify my market segment, create my prototype and get key feedback from real users.

Raymond Zeitouni - Founder/CEO Refly

Thanks to the Combi Journey program I was able to reduce the uncertainty around our product. The methodologies  we used along the journey were key to gathering crucial feedback on our UX/UI. Highly recommended!

What our Combipreneurs are saying:



Successfully launched to date, including our B2C and B2B segments. 



Have conceptualized, created and launched working prototypes using our methodologies.



We are determined to deliver outstanding results.



Have mapped our entrepreneur's types and personalities using IBM Watson's Personality Insights model.


Organizations that have taken a ride with us:

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