A market validation methodology carefully crafted help entrepreneurs and organizations ideate and test business ideas with real market users. 

The program is comprised of 3 stages - Discovery, Approach and Testing - and is suitable for all kinds of ideas (i.e. new product functionalities, novel business lines, etc).


Discover how context forces affect the market need you intend to solve. Understand how your idea behaves along the innovation curve, and which groups of customers are more prone to adapt it according to psychographics. Define the most critical hypothesis to test along the Combi Journey.

Begin approaching potential solutions to the identified market need. Create Empathy Maps and define potential functionalities that deliver real value. Prototype your ideas using cost-efficient tools . Identify key beta users and approach them to be part of your validation experiments.

Having built a high-fidelity prototype, it’s time to test it with actual market users. Test your critical hypotheses and assumptions and gather key insights to determine if your product/service idea is ready to move into a development phase.

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs and organizations with high quality guidance and tools to help them discover real and relevant market problems, prior to investing money and resources in solving them.


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