Launching new products and services to the market is hard. According to CB Insights, 42% of failed startups have claimed "not having market need" as the #1 cause of their downfall.


But, what if this could be averted? Would these startups have approached the market differently then?

Perhaps. But, the truth is, entrepreneurs are usually rushed to bring their solutions into the market without first having a clear understanding of their problem space. Consequently, they probably end up entangled trying to solve an "interesting problem" or working on a problem not big enough to create a viable business from. 

In other words, they become prisoners of their own cognitive biases, which are self-reinforcing. Helping entrepreneurs and organizations navigate through these biases and make objective decisions when crafting their go-to-market strategies is therefore what inspired us to create COMBI.


COMBI helps entrepreneurs and organizations ideate, create and test business ideas using a set of well-crafted methodologies and state-of-the-art tools. We borrow from the best practices of Design Thinking, Agile Frameworks, Business Model Canvas and Innovation Diffusion models to create our signature program - The Combi Journey™

Using technology as a lever, we conduct a 360º assessment of the entrepreneur, which allows us to spot strengths and weaknesses and map key personality traits before commencing our journey. In this way, we are able to personalize the experience of each of our entrepreneurs and optimize the value delivered across our programs. 


The COMBI team is conformed by seasoned innovators and professionals, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Juan Roesel, COMBI's CEO and Founder, is a creative and results-driven innovator and researcher, with over 10 years of interdisciplinary experience designing products, launching ventures and managing projects at the intersection of technology, economic development and digital transformation across different countries in the Americas.

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